Welcome To The Education Revolution

At NewBridge College we have created a progressive model designed for the new work and professional landscape which youth today are required to navigate. It is estimated that 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 do not exist today. While exciting, this presents a remarkable challenge for educators and graduates alike.

We have stepped up to this challenge and believe as educators that we are simply doing what we must. Times have changed and it’s essential we change with them. With many years and much experience and expertise in the field, we’ve taken the initiative to develop an independent contemporary platform for students. Theory is not enough anymore – students need practical skills to ensure proper coherency of Knowledge and Ability; an essential combination to sustain employability and success in the working world.

At NewBridge College we focus on the very important yet often neglected gaps; the transition between school and post-school education and between post-school education and employment.

Via multiple methodologies, students are equipped with life and career skills and practical applications that complement their chosen field of study. Our Professional Development Programme ensures an advantage and ultimately equips students with workable tools and a capacity for life-long learning – essential to an ever-evolving world and career.